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Operating since 1990, specialized in toasters

Hon Way Plastic & Metal Mfg. Co. Ltd. is a Hong Kong company and has been manufacturing household toasters professionally for over 20 years. With modern production facilities and experienced workers, we produce over 2 million toasters annually and export to various countries in Asia, Australasia, North America, South/ Central America, Europe.

We have established long-term reputations with our clients around the world. Our mission is to provide top-quality products that are competitively priced.

Hon Way's Strengths
  • Consistent quality & competitive prices
  • Flexible lead-time & on-time delivery
  • International approvals & good corporate-social-responsibility
  • High cooperation & win-win business relationship
We welcome all business opportunities. With our professionalism, you can be confident that Hon Way offers you nothing less than the distinction in quality.

Hon Way's Profile

Product:OEM / ODM Toaster
Year of establish:1990
Registered capital:US$ 2 millions
Annual sales volume:US$ 20 millions
Existing Markets:USA / Canada, South America, UK, Germany, Europe, Aus / NZ, Asia
Factory Audited By:ETL / TUV-SUD / ITS / STR
Factory size:13,000m2
Parts assembly lines:5
Final assembly lines:6
Production Capacity:15,000 toasters / day

Hon Way's Patents

As a leading toaster manufacturer in the industry, Hon Way owns several innovative patents on toasters including:

Overheating Protection Patent

Our overheating protection automatically turns off the toaster when the temperature inside the toaster is higher than normal operation. The overheating protection utilizes a thermal overload switch, associated with heating elements, that does not require manual resetting after each operation, and can be tripped multiple times. In today's market, there are various bread products containing high sugars and fats. In some situations, these ingredients can catch fire when being toasted. With ordinary type of toasters where the heating elements are solely controlled by a timer, independently of the heat load, there is a risk that a fire could be intensified if the heating elements continue to operate the bread is burning. Therefore, there is a need for our improved timer-controlled toaster with overheating protection which will mitigate the likelihood of a dangerous fire occurring.

Bread Anti-Jam Protection Patent

Unlike most of the anti-jam toaster in the market, our unique anti-jam design ensures the power is cut off at the end of toasting cycle. This safety feature prevents dangerous situations, such as, when switch lever and toast carriage are jammed by oversized bread or a foreign object and the toaster fails to stop after the toasting cycle ends. Our anti-jam mechanism consists of 2 switches. The first switch is associated with heating elements of the toaster and being activated by the switch lever. The second switch is associated with the electromagnet and is in series electrically with the first switch. The first switch receives electric current only when the second switch is closed by activating surface of the catch block. Therefore, when each toasting cycle ends, the second switch will disconnect the entire circuit in any case. This ensures that toast does not burn if it's jammed inside the toaster after a specified toasting time.

PCBA Circuit Protection Patent

Our microprocessor-controlled toaster features a patented circuit in which the current drawn by the electromagnet coil is generally independent of the current drawn by the control circuit. Therefore a stronger, more reliable latching action is provided by our circuit, compared to the other toasters. Reliability is further improved by isolating the low-current control circuitry from transients generated or transmitted by power supply and high-current circuits. This innovation enables standby mode*, after toaster is plugged in and before switch lever is not activated, with minimum power consumption. In standby mode, the heating elements are free of electric current eliminating the danger of electric shock if accidently touched. Other safety features include: self-cancel buttons*, automatic toasting time lock* and temperature compensation*.

Standby mode*: When toaster is plugged in, user can preselect desired function button(s). Power consumption is minimized & complied with ErP standards. This feature ensures the heating element is safe & isolated from electrical current before the switch lever is activated.

Self-cancel buttons*: Selected function button(s) will be automatically cancelled in about 10 seconds if no further action is applied to the toaster. When a cycle ends, selected function button(s) will reset.

Automatic toasting time lock*: About 10 seconds after the switch lever is activated, the selected function button(s) will be locked and the variable browning control only allows re-adjustments to a lower toast setting. This feature prevents users from over-extending the toasting time.

Temperature compensation*: This feature ensures consistent brownness of bread in consecutive operations.

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